History: PFM Racing Experience

Jude Rudder has been a member of the SCCA since 1993!

From Jude: I got my start in the Ozark Mountain Region by helping maintain Shane Bennoch’s Sports Renault. At the first race I went to, I purchased a 1971 Fiat 124 Spider and began my racing career. When Shane moved to Formula Continental, I helped him through two whirlwind seasons of racing.

Shortly thereafter, I began working very closely with Jeff Moore of Automotive Archeologists. I worked for two years with Jeff to maintain a substantial stable of SCCA GT and Production cars.

While in the Ozark Mountain Region, I served the SCCA by being on the Board of Directors and the Solo Chairperson for a season.

In 1997, I moved to Fort Worth, TX where I was the Racing Coordinator for Vick Autosports, Inc. In the three years I was with Vick Autosports, I developed many new performance items for Fiats and Alfa Romeos while increasing the Vick Autosports stable from two to six cars! While I was Racing Coordinator, Vick Autosports earned a total of five Southwest Division Championships.

In 1999 I won the Southwest Division ITC Championship in my Fiat 124 Spider and I came in second in 2000 behind a car that I maintained.

In late 2000, I moved into the St. Louis Region. Shortly thereafter PFM Racing began.

In 2003, Jude received the St. Louis Region's Mechanic of the Year award.

Give Jude a call at (314) 591-1482 or email PFM Racing.